Senior Theses

2013-2014 Senior Theses

Alexandra Haber (Neurobiology - Advisor: George Alvarez)
 Your Brain on SET: An Exploration of the Neural Basis of Expertise in Rule-Based Pattern Recognition

Morgan Henry  (Neurobiology - Advisor: George Alvarez)
 Exploring Object Invariance in Visual Processing with Predictive Modeling and fMRI Pattern Analysis (Hoopes Prize)

Cheng Li (Psychology - Advisor: Alfonso Caramazza)
 Effects of First And Third Person Verbs On Primary Motor Cortex Activity: A TMS Investigation

Allie Pace  (HEB/MBB - Advisor: Christine Hooker)
 Your Brain on Games: Neural Activity Differences in Emotion Recognition after Plasticity-based Social Cognitive Training 

Arielle Rabinowitz (Psychology - Advisor: Leah Somerville)
The Impact of Childhood Stress on Emotional Response in Early Adulthood

Theresa Tharakan (Neurobiology - Advisor: Joshua Greene)
Deconstructing the Moral Mind: An fMRI Investigation Mapping the Foundations of Moral Judgment

2012-2013 Senior Theses

Brian Yang (Neurobiology - Advisor: Randy Buckner)
 Exploring Multisensory Facilitation Using Functional Connectivity MRI in Humans

Matthew Yung  (Psychology - Advisor: Christine Hooker)
 An Investigation of the Neural Mechanisms and Functional Outcomes of Theory-of-Mind in Couples

2011-2012 Senior Theses

Samia Arthur-Bentil (Neurobiology - Advisor: Christine Hooker)
Evidence for Neural Plasticity in the Neurocognitive Training of Individuals At-Risk  for Developing Psychosis

Caitlin Carey  (Psychology - Advisor: Christine Hooker)
 An fMRI Investigation of Automatic Simulation in Schizophrenia
(Awarded the Hoopes Prize and nominated for the Captain Jonathan Fay Prize)
poster  thesis

Nadia Liyanage-Don  (Neurobiology - Advisor: Christine Hooker)
 Abnormalities in Neural Structures of Attention and their Relation to Impaired Social Function in Schizophrenia

2010-2011 Senior Theses

Henrietta Afari (Psychology - Advisor: Randy Buckner) 
The Neural Correlates of Aversive Feelings: Anterior Insula Responses to Route Obstructions during Virtual Navigation
poster  thesis

Sophie Wharton (Psychology - Advisor: Joshua Greene)
 Thou Shalt vs. Thou Shalt Not: The Neural Processes Underlying Decisions to Help vs. Decisions to Avoid Doing Harm (Hoopes Prize)
poster  thesis