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Neuroimaging Core

   Randy Buckner
   Director of Neuroimaging
   office: NW 280.06
   office phone: 617-384-8230
   cell phone: 617-417-6315
   email: Randy_Buckner [at] harvard [dot] edu


The Director oversees the research and administrative activities of the facility. He supports Harvard faculty and students by providing scientific leadership and advice, facilitating research projects, and encouraging interdisciplinary collaborations among faculty in diverse fields.


   Mark Eldaief
   Neuroimaging Staff Clinician
   office: NW 231
   office phone: 617-496-9407
   cell phone: 617-446-4837
   email: mark [dot] eldaief [at] mgh [dot] harvard [dot] edu 


The Neuroimaging Staff Clinician provides medical supervision for studies that require M.D. oversight [e.g., repetitive trans-cranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS)]. He also serves as an educational resource for students, formally by conducting lectures and workshops, and informally by providing expertise in clinical imaging, neuroanatomy, cognition, behavior and psychopharmacology. 


   Ross Mair
   Head of MR Physics
   office: NW 231.10
   office phone: 617-496-2903
   cell phone: 617-504-4654
   email: rmair [at] fas [dot] harvard [dot] edu  


The Head of MR Physics ensures the proper functioning of the scanner and assists research groups in obtaining the best possible MR data and in trouble-shooting problems with data acquisition. His research activities involve the development, application and impact of novel brain imaging techniques that address emerging research requirements and enhance MR imaging capabilities. Areas of interest include development of non-Gaussian diffusion MRI methods, assessment of novel functional MRI acquisition and detection methods, and pulse sequence programming.


   W. Caroline West
   Associate Director for Neuroimaging

   office: NW 231
   office phone: 617-384-8239
   cell phone: 617-821-8485
   email: wcwest [at] fas [dot] harvard [dot] edu


The Associate Director oversees and facilitates the operations, procedures, and research activities of the facility and manages its finances. She is the contact person for new investigators and students. She assists investigators in obtaining funding, IRB approval, and access to the facility. She coordinates training opportunities and educational programs in neuroimaging and advises students interested in neuroimaging research.


   Larry White
   Operations Director for Neuroimaging
   office: NW 231.20
   office phone: 617-495-4706
   cell phone: 617-913-5207
   email: lawrence_white [at] fas [dot] harvard [dot] edu



The Operations Director provides general day-to-day oversight of facility
operations and functioning. He sets and implements policies for the use
and operation of the scanner and ensures a safe environment. He conducts
safety and operational training sessions and certification examinations
and consults on safety issues. He is the first point-of-contact for
problems with the scanner or other equipment and for questions regarding

Neuroinformatics Research Group (NRG website)

The Neuroinformatics Research Group is responsible for the architecture, design, and implementation of the software and hardware computational framework. They are  available to help users with XNAT/CBSCentral, DICOM file processing, NiFTI-1 file processing, Python, Perl, PHP, C/C++, shell scripting, time series analysis, client-server application development, hardware purchase/implementation questions as well as database design, implementation and usage. Their primary interests are in applied computer science and information technology that drive neuroscience and genetics.  

   Timothy O’Keefe
   Neuroinformatics Software Developer

   office: NW 295.09
   phone: 617-496-6162
   email: timothy_okeefe [at] harvard [dot] edu
vpetrov [at] nmr [dot] mgh [dot] harvard [dot] edu ( )


Neuroimaging Compute Facility Team

The NCF team are members of FAS Research Computing. They provide support for all NCF computing, workstations, file storage and LSF queue management. They work in close collaboration with the Neuroimaging Core and Neuroinformatics Research Group to meet the technical needs of our investigators. During office hours the NCF Systems and Network Administrator provides one-on-one training and troubleshooting for NCF users.

   Brian White
   NCF Project Manager
email: rchelp [at] fas [dot] harvard [dot] edu


 Luis Silva, Francesco Pontiggia, Raminder Singh
   NCF Systems and Network Administrators

   email: rchelp [at] fas [dot] harvard [dot] edu


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FAS Department of Human Evolutionary Biology

Erin Hecht

Daniel Lieberman


Roscoe Brady

Mark Halko

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Charles Nelson

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Justin Baker

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Trey Hedden

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