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Requesting Scan Time

There are two avenues for requesting time on the scanner:

1) Recurring Blocks

Principal Investigators will have the opportunity to request recurring time blocks on the schedule. PIs will receive an email announcement calling for fixed block requests. This will occur approximately every 3 months for the following 3-month time period.

Guidelines for Requesting Recurring Blocks

Requests for recurring blocks must be made by the Principal Investigator.

When requesting scan blocks please indicate the following:

1) Number and length of blocks: [e.g., One 4-hour block and a separate 2-hour block]
2) Four preferred times in order of preference
3) Up to four excluded times (I will assume no one wants weekends unless you specifically request them)
4) Describe any special circumstances that are pertinent to your request (e.g., "I am scanning elderly subjects so I cannot scan after 5PM", "I would like my two 4-hour blocks to be on sequential days").  I will try to accommodate these special circumstances as much as possible.

These requests are for recurring weekly time slots that you fully own. That is, unless the scanner or equipment is broken, you are committing to pay for your slots. If your slot falls on a holiday you will have the option of claiming that slot or releasing it. This must be done within one week after the schedule is posted. You, of course, will not be charged for that holiday slot if you choose to release it. Any other changes, swaps, subject cancellations, etc are fully at the discretion of the investigator and his/her responsibility. The only situation that would result in not being billed is if the scanner malfunctions.

2) Open Slots

Principal Investigators or green-badge members of their labs may request open slots on the MRI schedule. To request an open slot:

  • First check the Bay 1 MRI Scanner calendar.
  • Click on the log in link at the top of the page or go to
  • Log in to SPINAL with your RC username and password.
    • If you do not have an RC account, you can request one by following the instructions (including for outsider users) here.
    • If you are able to log in but cannot see any resources, please email Caroline West (wcwest [at] fas [dot] harvard [dot] edu) to be added to the list of eligible users.
  • Click the link for the calendar and then click the date on which you would like to schedule. Fill out the sign-up form and then click sign up! at the bottom of the page.
  • Your reservation is provisional until it is approved by a member of the CBS Neuroimaging staff. You will receive an email when your reservation is approved.
  • If you are unable to complete these steps for any reason, you may email Tammy (tmoran [at] fas [dot] harvard [dot] edu) to sign up for time until your issues are resolved. Note: The PI must be cc’d on any email requesting MRI scan slots.


Reserving Free Resources

Follow the instructions above but substitute the appropriate calendar (Mock Scanner, Testing Room, etc). Reservations for these rooms do not need to be approved. Please be considerate of other users when making your reservations.