Neuroimaging Compute Facility : TERMS OF USE

Neuroimaging Compute Facility

Account Request: TERMS OF USE

The Neuroimaging Compute Facility (NCF) provides a centralized, robust computational infrastructure to facilitate neuroimaging research and teaching. The NCF strives to be an open environment where students and researchers can find and develop the tools needed to further their scientific exploration.

However, as in any shared system, there are some basic rules that must be heeded in order to ensure full functionality for the entire community. The following terms of use for the NCF are really common sense civility that can be summarized as:

Please do not do anything that may adversely impact someone else's research.

As always, if you have any questions regarding the NCF please contact rchelp [at] fas [dot] harvard [dot] edu.

1) Never share your password.
Each account granted on the NCF is for individual use only. If your colleague would like to use the NCF, just have them request an account.

2) Maintain the confidentiality of data stored at the NCF.

3) Computational processes should only be run on the compute cluster and the workstations.
Computational processes use a lot of system resources (CPU, memory, etc). The NCF provides dedicated workstations and maintains a compute cluster for this type of processing.

Specifically, some hosts (such as the SSH Gateways) are not designed for this purpose. Computational processes running on these hosts may prevent users of those systems from completing their work. Computational processes found running on systems other than the compute cluster and the workstations may be terminated without notice.

4) Use all NCF resources for their intended purpose.
Please do not use the NCF for personal use.

Do not alter a host or resource of the NCF. This would include altering system software or accounts, changing hardware configurations, etc. The basic premise here is if you need something - just ask. We can probably find a way to accommodate most requests. But, the entire system breaks down if everyone is reconfiguring the environment at will.

If you spot a deficiency in some NCF resource (e.g., permissions on a directory, a binary with a vulnerability, etc.), please contact the NCF Admin. We will work to correct the problem as soon as possible. Any outage of an NCF resource may very well affect you (at a time when you can least afford it, according to Murphy's Law) so alerting us to potential problems helps everyone.

5) Be courteous.
For example, do not leave a workstation locked for longer than 30 minutes, as you will hinder someone else's ability to use the workstation if you have locked the console.

As another example, please do not run jobs in the priority cluster queues if you do not need the extra system resources allotted to those queues. Even if you are a privileged cluster user who is allowed access to priority queuing, you potentially take away system resources from others by running jobs at a higher priority level.

In general, just be courteous. We cannot predict all situations, but we hope that the "spirit" of these terms are clear - play nicely.


I agree to these terms and to those set forth by Harvard University FAS and FAS Computer Services. 

I do not agree.