MR-compatible Eye-Tracker


Our EyeLink 1000, from SR Research, is the most powerful eye tracker on the market, and has been customized specifically for the MRI environment.

The core of the EyeLink 1000 eye tracker consists of a custom designed high-speed camera connected to a dedicated host computer. Running on a real-time operating system, the host software provides extremely fast eye sample access with incredibly low inter-sample variability, accessed via a set of programming interfaces for multiple operating systems and programming languages.

We employ the Long Range Mount for the EyeLink 1000 with the Fiber Optic Camera upgrade that has been designed for MEG, MRI, and other applications that require the optics to be up to 150 cm from the eye, with low interference, and have a non-ferromagnetic optimized design. The Remote/Head Free camera upgrade option adds the ability to use the eye tracker as a fully remote system that does not require head stabilization.

The Fiber Optic camera uses the same internal sensor as the standard EyeLink 1000 camera, resulting in identical technical specifications as the standard camera for a given mounting option. When used with the Long Range mount, the Fiber Optic camera provides a non-ferromagnetic optimized solution for the MRI environment with a sampling rate and resolution that is unparalleled.

We hold periodic tutorial sessions where the set-up and use of the EyeLink 1000 system are demonstrated to users with interest in adding it to their studies.

Key Specifications (in remote/head-free mode, as used in the MRI environment)
Sampling Rate:               500 Hz Monocular
Accuracy:                         0.5º average accuracy
Resolution:                      0.05º RMS, saccade resolution of 0.25
Real-time Data Access: 3 msec (SD < 1.2 msec) @ 500 Hz
Participant Setup:          Very simple and easy. Typically less than 2-5 minutes.

More details, and full specifications on the EyeLink 1000 can be found here.