Zeiss fluorescence microscope with ApoTome attachment (Axio Imager Z1 stand)

This wide-field microscope has filter cubes for DAPI, CFP, GFP, YFP, Texas Red and CY5. The condenser is set up for dark-field and DIC optics.

The microscope has an Axiocam MRm (monochrome CCD) camera and the AxioVision software. The stage is not motorized, so it is not possible to acquire montage images automatically.

The ApoTome structured-illumination attachment allows optical sectioning using the CCD camera. The AxioVision software allows automatic collection of multi-channel Z-stack images.

The microscope has a set of oil immersion objectives and a 10x water immersion objective.


  1. Multi-channel fluorescence imaging using CCD camera
  2. Optical sectioning of fluorescence in tissue on glass slides using ApoTome attachment


  1. Conventional fluorescence microscope
  2. Not heavily used compared to confocal systems


  1. No motorized stage