Zeiss Pascal confocal microscope system (Axioplan 2 stand)

This system has 436nm, 458nm, 488nm, 514nm and 543nm laser lines. There is no 633nm line for imaging far red fluorophores such as cy5 or alexa-647.

The filters are appropriate for imaging CFP and YFP. The confocal system has two fluorescence channels and a transmitted light detector.

The LSM software has the Multi-Time macro to allow automatic acquisition of tiled image stacks. The microscope also has an Axiocam HRc (color CCD) camera and runs the AxioVision software to allow automatic tiled multi-channel image acquisition. The microscope has filter cubes for DAPI, CFP, FITC, YFP, Texas Red and Cy5. The condenser is set up for dark-field and DIC imaging.

The microscope has a set of oil immersion objectives and a 10x water immersion objective.


  1. Imaging  of CFP and YFP in fixed tissue mounted on glass slides
  2. Combined fluorescence and transmitted light imaging using CCD camera
  3. Tiled image acquisition using CCD camera or confocal


  1. CCD camera with epifluorescence and transmitted-light optics
  2. System not heavily used compared to FV1000 systems


  1. No 561nm or 633nm limes
  2. Not useful for confocal imaging of mCherry, alexa-647 or cy5
  3. 2 PMT channels