Nikon TIRF system (TE-2000e stand)

This microscope system has TIRF optics and an inverted microscope stand. It is the only inverted microscope in the imaging facility. The system is primarily used for automated time lapse imaging of cell cultures. The microscope is fully motorized and has a Hamamatsu CCD camera. Images are acquired using IPLab or NIS-Elements.

There are filter cubes for DAPI, GFP, TRITC and Texas Red. The system also has an argon-ion laser that is used for TIRF imaging.

The microscope has oil and water immersion objectives. It also has 4x and 20x air objectives.

The system is equipped with an incubation chamber that covers the top half of the microscope. A biological gas mixture (5% CO2) can be bubbled into the chamber, and an Air-Therm heater circulates and warms the air in the chamber.


  1. Long term time lapse imaging of cell cultures
  2. TIRF imaging
  3. Combined fluorescence and transmitted-light imaging


  1. Nikon perfect focus (autofocus)
  2. Incubation chamber with controlled temperature and gases
  3. Motorized stage allows time lapse imaging of multiple areas


  1. No optical sectioning except TIRF