Nikon N-STORM super resolution microscope (Ti-E TIRF with Perfect Focus System)

The Nikon N-STORM is a super-resolution digital microscope system that integrates “Stochastic Optical Reconstruction Microscopy” technology. It enables imaging at significantly higher resolution than is possible with conventional light microscopes. The lateral (XY) resolution is ~20-30nm, and the axial (Z) resolution is ~50-75nm.

This microscope system has TIRF optics and an inverted microscope stand. It has 405nm, 458nm, 561nm and 647nm laser lines. The microscope is fully motorized and has an EM-CCD camera (Andor iXon Ultra DU897). Images are acquired using NIS-Elements.

The microscope has 40x, 60x and 100x oil immersion objectives. It also has a 10x air objective.


  1. Tracking directed motion of molecules
  2. Imaging cellular structures with sub-diffraction limit resolution
  3. TIRF imaging


  1. Nikon perfect focus (autofocus)
  2. Motorized stage allows automated imaging of multiple areas
  3. Incubation system for long-term time-lapse imaging of cell cultures

Note: To sign up, please first contact Steve Turney (sturney [at] mcb [dot] harvard [dot] edu) for training.