John Merck Scholars Program

Sponsor's deadline: 
30 Sep 2010 America/New_York
JMF has in the past funded and will continue to fund the most promising young researchers whose work illuminates neurodevelopmental disorders from the perspectives of (i) synapse formation and synaptic plasticity; (ii) learning and memory, and synaptic plasticity; (iii) perception, cognition and behavior; (iv) neurogenesis and pattern formation; and (v) genetics and early development. We also encourage proposals that (i) investigate the possible role of environmental chemicals in the origins of developmental disabilities, or that (ii) aim to distinguish subgroups within accepted diagnostic categories through the use of sophisticated behavioral and neuroimaging tests of perception, cognition, and emotions based on concepts from modern cognitive neuroscience. In all cases, we seek proposals from young scientists conducting research that is of the highest quality and that has the greatest chance of increasing our understanding of neurodevelopmental disorders.
Three scholars will receive $75,000 per year for a four-year period, subject to an annual review of research progress.

Deadline: 5PM 30 September 2010


Applicants must have the following:

  • Academic rank in a university or medical school, or equivalent standing in a research institute or medical center. If the institution offers tenure, must be on a tenure track. 
  • Not more than four years of experience in an independent faculty position at the time of the start of the award. 
  • A record of research in areas relating to the Fund’s interest in the
    underlying causes of developmental disabilities.
  • Evidence of a commitment to a career in neuroscience or cognitive science.

Applicants may not:

  • Hold tenured positions or their equivalents.
  • Apply in more than two rounds of competition.
  • Apply for continued postdoctoral support.

Holding other fellowships concurrently with the John Merck Scholars Award is discouraged. Prior approval by the Fund for an overlapping fellowship is required and will be given only in unusual circumstances.