RGCs marked by junctional adhesive molecule B (JAM-B) in mouse retina

Imaged on Olympus FVA using a 20x 0.8NA oil objective and 1x scan zoom. Retina image showing that most of J-RGCs (OFF direction selective RGCs) arborize their dendrites asymmetrically in dorsoventral direction. Tissue was prepared by immunostaining with rabbit anti-GFP antibody and alexa fluor 488 donkey anti-rabbit. Imaging parameters were 1024x1024 pixels per scan, 1 mm step size in Z and an average stack size of 40 plane. The stack size varies from tile to tile. A montage of 65 tiled image stacks was acquired automatically using MATL software. 

Molecular identification of a retinal cell type that responds to upward motion
In-Jung Kim, Yifeng Zhang, Masahito Yamagata, Markus Meister & Joshua R. Sanes
Nature. 2008 Mar 27;452:478-82.

PubMed access: direct or via Harvard

Image provided by In-Jung Kim of Sanes Lab.