Joshua Sanes Wins Cowan Award at 2019 SfN Meeting

The 2019 Cowan Award was presented to Dr. Joshua R. Sanes for outstanding contributions in developmental neuroscience.

Shape-shifting structured lattices via multimaterial 4D printing

Boley JW, van Rees WM, Lissandrello C, Horenstein MN, Truby RL, Kotikian A, Lewis JA, Mahadevan L

A nanoelectrode array for obtaining intracellular recordings from thousands of connected neurons

Abbott J, Ye T, Krenek K, Gertner RS, Ban S, Kim Y, Qin L, Wu W, Park H, Ham D.

Upcoming Events

CBS Seminar


Warren Meck (Duke University)
Tue 19 Nov noon - Bio Labs 1080

Molecular and Circuit Architecture of Social Hierarchy

Adam Nelson (Dulac Lab)
Wed 20 Nov noon - Northwest Building 243
Postdoctoral Fellow

Different Neuronal Activity Patterns Induce Different Gene Expression Programs

Kelsey Tyssowski (Hoekstra Lab)
Wed 4 Dec noon - Northwest Building 243
Postdoctoral Researcher
CBS Seminar

From Connectome to Computation

Anthony Zador (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory)
Tue 10 Dec noon - Bio Labs 1080
CBS Seminar

CBS Seminar

Liz Phelps (Harvard University)
Tue 17 Dec noon - Bio. Labs 1080
CBS Seminar

CBS Seminar

John Calarco (University of Toronto)
Tue 28 Jan noon - Bio Labs 1080
Assistant Professor
CBS Seminar

CBS Seminar

Raia Hadsell (DeepMind)
Tue 4 Feb noon - Bio Labs 1080
Research Scientist


Ofer Yizhar (Cohen Lab)
Wed 5 Feb noon - Northwest Building 243
Visiting Scientist
CBS Seminar

CBS Seminar

Alicia Izquierdo (UCLA)
Tue 11 Feb noon - Bio Labs 1080

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Researchers in the Center for Brain Science (CBS) are discovering how brain circuits give rise to computations that underlie thought and behavior. We are determining the structure and function of neural circuits; investigating how these circuits govern behavior and vary between individuals; learning how they change during development and aging; and deepening our understanding of what is amiss in neurological and psychiatric disorders, and how to address these pathologies. To accomplish this mission, CBS brings neuroscientists together with physical scientists and engineers to develop and deploy new tools for neuroscience. Headquartered in the new Northwest Building on Oxford Street in Cambridge, CBS has strong links throughout the neuroscience community at Harvard University. Members are drawn from the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, the Harvard Medical School, the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, and the Harvard-affiliated hospitals.

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